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Chibiterasu, a small celestial wolf who bears a resemblance to Amaterasu, protagonist of Ōkami.

.:Sun God Family:.

[[we be awesome.]]

Rp Account for: :iconokamirp-da:
Main account: :iconchocolate-afro-jesus:
Chibiterasu is so happy!!
  • Listening to: Arf
  • Reading: Arf
  • Watching: Woof
  • Playing: Arf
  • Eating: Bark
  • Drinking: Arf

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romaticanimefan98 Jun 30, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*hugs chibi* you are just adoreable
Sakuya squeels as she hugs the little goddess to death "An Amaterasu plushie! I've always wanted one to prove myself as Amaterasu's number one fan~"

The puppy smiled warmly as she was hugged. She did very much enjoy this attention. "I'm not a plushie! I'm a Chibiterasu!"


Stares at in human form and flicks Chibiterasu's nose
You look like a specific sun god I know.
The little girl whined a bit when the fish man did this. "Awahh! Sun god? Yes I am, I am Chibiterasu!" She said rubbing her nose.
[ ... o ^ o;.... Oh, hey. This is from the second game, I was all, 'Oh look, an amaterasu3' when I saw there was like 3 different versions of Ammy in the RP. *I am the Definition of Fail. I think.* ]

[ D: I'd comment RP with you, but.... I cant anything until I figure out about the human-- *ahem* LIFE SIZED form I am going to actually use for Blight. > > ]
[[ I would try and design Blight as a human, but like I can't draw guys unless there traps |D; And yeah Chibiterasu's from Okamiden CB]]
[ |D Trap Blight human would be fine~! *Would like to see how that would come out* You mean like how, Namine Ritsu is a boy that appears to be a girl? And I am yet to play okamiden, when it comes out <3 ]
[[Okay : D! And yeah thats what i mean. \D I can't wait for Okamiden also~]]
Yumigami hops up to the small wolf, hammer in hand as he stares at her. "...You painfully remind me of someone, child..."
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